Project Manager

Project Manager 4

Project Manager 4: Project Management made simple and easy with networking, charting, and reports. Project Manager Software helps Project Managers by providing a central project details repository, team management, task management, deadline management, dissemenation of tasks to your team; all in one application that is easy to use for your whole team. Using the detailed walkthroughs provided in the help system, setup of the software takes only minutes. Once setup: add your team members, create your project, assign the team members, and create

Kform Project Manager 2.5.0: Use for Estimating, scheduling, job tracking and project managemet
Kform Project Manager 2.5.0

Kform Project Manager Software is computer software for use in manufacturing, estimating, scheduling, job tracking, project management, and cost accounting all based on real-time barcode data. Kform Project Manager integrates with QuickBooks Pro 2002 or QuickBooks Premier 2002 or greater installed and running on your network or system.

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Project Manager 1.67.96: Cataloging and use 3d models,materials & etc.
Project Manager 1.67.96

Project Manager -the utility for organisation of files and work with them in 3ds Max. It help you with cataloging and using in your projects of a bitmaps, library of models and materials, also IES and HDRI files.

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Free Project Manager Software 1.01: Free Project Manager Software
Free Project Manager Software 1.01

Project Manager Software. * Note down all the tasks you`ve got immediately available and categorize them according to the level of priority. * Allows you to add or delete tasks from each project and tracks the percentage of work completed for each project. * Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you note down thus you know precisely how much time you`ve got left for each project. * Supercharges your productivity greatly

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ProjectBudgetManager 3.1: Project Budget Manager is a cost control and reporting program for projects.
ProjectBudgetManager 3.1

Project Budget Manager emphasizes control of project costs in preference to accounting for them after the fact. Project Budget Manager software is designed to maintain all project income and expenditure data in one comprehensive database. The Project Manager can enter the project budget in the format that most suits his needs. Project Budget Manager can track all project labor costs, invoices, purchase orders and personnel. Project Budget Manager

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SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling 1.1: An easy way to Model a project
SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling 1.1

project differently • The project is being viewed as a model driven entity • Each section in the project has its own window • Identity everybody in a project • Identify the function of everybody in the project • Identify the communication of the people in the project • Analyze every entity that makes up the project • Execute test result of the project • Identify the location of the project execution • Project schedule and project

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Project Manager Software 3.6: Online Web Based Project Management Software that can also be downloaded to a PC
Project Manager Software 3.6

Project Management Software that can also be downloaded to a PC. You can download a project management methodology complete with templates, examples and case studies. This methodology helps you manage projects faster and easier than before. Using the project management templates set, you can create project deliverables in a snap. This software is available either as online project management software, web based project management software, or traditional

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